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Tailor4Less review

1 star - "Tailor4Less review: Cheap, ill-fitting clothes that can't be fixed" by , Written on 15 February 2012

The garment did not fit properly even though I measured myself correctly.
The button popped off the jacket immediately, as it was only attached with a couple stitches.
The tailor I had to take it to to alter it pointed out a number of defects, and wasn't even able to completely fix the problems.
When I submitted a receipt for reimbursement, I did not get reimbursed fully, and was paid in euros instead of dollars, so I had to pay a foreign currency fee on my reimbursement. Some "perfect fit guarantee."
Terrible experience. Now I'm less than a week away from attending a wedding, my tuxedo still isn't done, and I might as well have bought something name-brand and had it tailored for the amount of money I spent.

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